Technology Consulting

Serving the technological needs of the Valley of the Sun since 1993.

Our Services

Virus Removal

We remove all sorts of nasty infections from your computers! If you have unexplained popups, web searches redirected to unknown websites, or your computer is simple running a lot slower than when it was new, that’s when you call us. Most viruses can be removed within 1 to 2 hours. On-site and remote services are available so you don’t have to take your entire computer system apart and drive all over town.

Wireless Networking

Do you have wireless, or WiFi, at your home or office? Or, would you like to join the 21st century and add it to your existing network? We can do that! When we install your WiFi, we don’t just put it into the system, we make sure you are secure and protected and that you know what your settings are to use it. WiFi, and its security, is literally changing overnight.

Operating Systems

We work on Windows, Apple, and/or Linux. Whether you are upgrading, repairing, or re-installing, we can help.

Technology Convergence

Wanting to add features to your system or network? Need to integrate your existing technology? We got this!

These are only a few of our available services. Give us a call at 623-930-1533 to discuss your needs and let us help you achieve them.